Pique drives a Renault Twingo in response to Shakira

The former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué continued this Sunday responding with gestures to the attacks that his ex-partner, the Colombian singer Shakira, directs him in his latest song, published in the middle of this week.
After wearing a Casio watch on Friday, this Sunday he appeared driving a Renault Twingo as a reaction to the verse of the song in which artist accuses him, for changing partners, of having replaced a Rolex for a Casio and a Ferrari car for a model of the French brand, that is, for much less valuable objects.
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Pique said on Friday that the Japanese watch brand had reached a sponsorship deal with the Kings League soccer league, a new 12-team tournament chaired by well-known former players such as Spain’s Iker Casillas and Argentina’s Kun Agüero.
As can be seen in the video broadcast by that competition on social networks, Piqué arrives at the wheel of a white Twingo, which he parked in the presence of several media that were waiting for him and dedicated a smile to them before heading to the studios where the championship is recorded.

Video via Twitter: @KingsLeague
On Friday came his first response to Shakira’s song, loaded with reproaches against him: “Casio has given us watches for life. The Kings League has reached an agreement with Casio,” Pique said on the social network Twitch, and claimed that the watch was “for life.”
The Colombian Shakira and the Argentine producer Bizarrap broke a record with the song “Bizarrap Music Sessions #53”, a song that in just over twenty-four hours achieved almost 64 million views on Youtube.
On December 1, Shakira and Piqué signed in a court in Barcelona (northeastern Spain) the agreement that allows the artist to settle with their children, Milan and Sasha, in Miami (USA). The settlement was reached after separating and months of negotiations between his lawyers.

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