Minister Jackson assures that AC against him “lacks legal basis” and RN confirms that he will reject “previous question”

For this coming Thursday, January 19, the review of the constitutional accusation filed by the Republican Party against the Minister of Social Development and Family, Giorgio Jackson, is scheduled, which will be voted by the members of the Chamber of Deputies.
Specifically, several parliamentarians have indicated that they have been contacted by the head of Social Development, to which Jackson responded that he has been delivering the points of his defense so that “there is no parliamentarian who does not have those arguments in their possession.”
In the same vein and as for the arguments for which he was denounced, Jackson assures that “this is an accusation that lacks legal basis, which is presented by nine parliamentarians and one congresswoman of the Republican Party.”
“Having completely revised it, having also listened to the different experts who appeared in the commission, we are very convinced of the substantive arguments, both for the preliminary question to be accepted, and eventually the substance,” the minister said.
National Renewal will reject “preliminary question” of constitutional accusation
The National Renewal (RN) bench confirmed that it will reject the “preliminary question” that could be invoked by Minister Jackson’s defense in the constitutional accusation against him. This was confirmed by the head of the RN bloc, Deputy Andrés Longton, who maintained that as a party they have a defined position, so they seek to get “to the bottom” of the accusation.
It should be noted that this type of action can be invoked by the defendant’s defense prior to the vote on the constitutional accusation, which seeks to dismiss the action through a preliminary analysis by the Chamber of Deputies.
This means that if the “preliminary question” is accepted, the constitutional accusation would not go ahead, since it would be discarded for lack of foundations. “We defined a caucus position to move to the bottom of the CA. That is, to reject the ‘preliminary question’ to know the substance,” Longton said.
In that sense, the head of Social Development declared that “we are also talking with parliamentarians who are not from the opposition, also with those who are from the opposition, to deliver the arguments, and they will be the ones who define first if the previous question is accepted and then if the fund, depending on whether the previous question passes. ”

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