Minister Ana Lya Uriarte’s damage control: ”This is a government in which we learn very quickly when we make mistakes”

January has been a long and heavy month for government authorities. Among the pitfalls they have had to face are the accusation of the Minister of Social Development and Family, Giorgio Jackson; of the former Minister of Justice, Marcela Ríos and the leak of an audio from the Foreign Ministry, to name just a few “problems”. Since then, the need for a “new air” for the government has been installed in public opinion; which would occur with a new cabinet change.
In this regard, the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency, Ana Lya Uriarte said in Mesa Central of channel 13: “we are very committed to making our management more and more efficient, that means that – and we discussed it in the cabinet council last Friday – give it the place that corresponds to politics and that which corresponds to technique. We have to work very hard, be in all spaces, have many conversations, listen to what are the aspects that — those who have put the change of cabinet on the table — point out as issues that need to be corrected. This, in my opinion, is a government in which we learn very quickly when we are wrong. Because the only interest we have, starting with the President, is to make a government at the service of the people.”
On the voices that point out that the balance of political forces should come from the undersecretaries, he added: “I do not want to pronounce whether or not there is a change of ministers or undersecretaries, that is an issue that is defined exclusively by the President. There is consensus — in the President and political committee — that we have to be able to interpret all those who support the government. I am referring to political forces. And make the effort to allow all those voices to express themselves, including Christian Democracy, which has collaboration with autonomy.”
Pardons remain in the crosshairs
On the presidential pardons, he acknowledged that it has been a complex episode from the political point of view, “where the opposition managed to install the issue for a full month.”  However, he noted that once the two constitutional accusations have been overcome, they hope to “overcome this political complexity.”
“The opposition has done its job, but to make the political point extreme is to detract energy from tasks that are very pressing. I am confident that we can get involved in what interests us and I think it also interests a large part of the opposition: which is to work so that citizens understand that we are not hooked on political issues, that we are capable of finding solutions. ”
When asked whether or not the president had all the background information in view at the time of pardoning, Uriarte said that there is a principle of evaluation of a legal nature with the rejection of the constitutional accusation against former Minister Ríos. “Everyone can see that background. Now we will go to the Constitutional Court (TC) to define the constitutionality of the 7 decrees that the opposition has challenged and legally we will demonstrate that they conform to the Law.”
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