Summary: January inflation; An officer was shot dead in Retiro; Duki announced new theme; Lollapalooza; GH and more

1. January inflation will be announced today: The National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) will announce January inflation today, which is taken for granted to mark an increase compared to what December was. I kept reading here… 2. Lammens did not rule out being a candidate for head of the Buenos Aires Government: The Minister of Tourism and Sports said that he would “participate in a PASO” for the Head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. I kept reading here… 3. The prosecution asked for the death penalty for the terrorist who killed five Rosarinos in New York: Sayfullo Saipov killed eight people on October 31, 2017 after running them over with a rented van. I kept reading here… 4. Meat: 7 popular cuts will have discounts of 30% from Friday: The Government announced the adhesion of meat exporting companies to Fair Prices to increase the supply of the 7 cuts at differential prices “with a predictable price path”. I kept reading here… 5. The City Police officer who was shot at the Retiro station died: The fatal victim received a gunshot wound in the chest and a stab wound in the neck. The incident took place at the Retiro station on Line C of the subway. I kept reading here… 6. Duki announced date and name of his new song: Last night he published on his networks a teaser of what will be his first solo single after “Givenchy”. What is known. I kept reading here… 7. Lollapalooza Argentina 2023: The exchange and withdrawal of bracelets began: The largest festival in the country began its stage of exchange and sending of bracelets to enjoy the eighth edition that will be held in Buenos Aires on Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March at the Hipódromo de San Isidro and will bring artists such as Drake, Rosalia, Blink-182, Billie Eilish and many more. I kept reading here… 8. The Big Brother house adopted two puppies: what names they gave them: This Monday the “little brothers” received two rescued puppies who will live with them until the end of the reality. Find out what they are called. I kept reading here… 9. Podoroska: “I feel that I have conditions to be among the best 50 in the world”: The Rosario confessed that she recovered “the good feelings” of her best time after winning a title in Cali and climbing to the semifinals of another WTA tournament in Mexico. I kept reading here… 10. “Me estoy enamorando”, the new single of Bandalos Chinos: This Valentine’s Day the Argentine band that triumphs in the world surprises its audience with a song that celebrates falling in love without major pretensions. Watch the video in this note. I kept reading here…

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