INADI reported that Pichetto incurred a “discriminatory disqualification”

After Miguel Angel Pichetto’s statements about Ayelén Mazzina that generated controversy last week, INADI analyzed the situation and concluded that the senator incurred a “discriminatory disqualification.” In an interview for the LaNación+ channel, the leader of Together for Change (JxC) tried to criticize Mazzina, Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, for her position on the case of Lucio Dupuy, and said that “the Ministry of Women could have put a woman as director and not a lesbian.” The words quickly generated a stir, and the politician maintained that they took it out of context. But the statements did not stop there, since in addition to Mazzina’s response, they generated an investigation by INADI. Sources from the agency told that “the statements analyzed in the report deny the equality of conditions and the capacity with respect to other women, in this case, of Minister Mazzina to occupy her position for the mere fact of recognizing herself as a lesbian.” In addition, they added that “the case illustrates a fallacious argument that allows the author of the expressions to directly associate, in a causal link, lesbianism and the inability to recognize oneself as a woman or represent the group of women in a legitimate way.” Finally, INADI maintains that the words insult the lesbian community, pointing out “an alleged lack of interest in the case of Lucio Dupuy, and pointing out as a possible cause of this conduct the fact that its authors have the same sexual orientation.” Likewise, Mazzina, prior to Pichetto’s interview, spoke about the case in an interview and said that “there are two direct perpetrators who have to be condemned by Justice.”

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