Cerruti crossed over to Milei: “What is your income, who pays you, what companies are they?”

During the week, President Alberto Fernández gave an interview where he said he does not know what Javier Milei lives on, making it clear that “he donates his salary, travels throughout the country. Who pays for all that? What does he live on? He is a deputy, but he does donate his salary.” This led the referent of La Libertad Avanza to respond via Twitter, since he said: “I live from my laburo, Alberto. Like I did all my life. Something you don’t understand because you became a millionaire lobbying for those multinationals you say you hate.” This is how the presidential spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti came to the crossing: “What laburo, Milei? I warn you that being a deputy is incompatible with having other jobs. And you donate the salary. So I got lost.” In addition, after a new response from the libertarian, the spokeswoman again made statements, ensuring that “until now you did not say what you work on. What is your income, who pays you, what companies are they? So we are sure that none of the laws under discussion are related to any of these companies. My income and my DDJJ are public.” In this way, in a very political context due to the assembly of the different presidential and coalition lists, there is a new crossing between the national government and the ultra-right opposition sector.

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