Minister Ávila after permanence in cabinet: aims to “promote educational reactivation”

The Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, addressed this Saturday his permanence in the cabinet after the ministerial adjustment made by President Gabriel Boric on Friday. In this regard, he aimed to “promote educational reactivation.”
“I assume the responsibility that corresponds to me now, which is to promote educational reactivation, without a doubt to stay in the cabinet and continue working for what we have most today the obligation that is the reactivation of the system,” said Avila, La Tercera reports.
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Let us remember that, as it had transpired in the press, President Boric was going to remove Minister Ávila from his position, something that did not finally happen.
Discussion with Delgado
The Secretary of State starred in a discussion with Deputy Viviana Delgado (PEV) on Tuesday, which earned him opposition criticism.
According to the legislator, after a session of the Education Commission of the Lower House, Avila approached to ask for the reopening of a school in Maipú. According to Delgado, the Minister of Education yelled at him.
Avila’s reaction triggered that Deputy Delgado did not appear in the general vote on the government’s tax reform. Delgado was absent along with Pamela Jiles (IND) and Mónica Arce (IND), key votes that influenced the rejection of the initiative.
On that episode, Avila said that “we have already talked (with the president), and that basically today has to leave us some lessons. I am a teacher, so what one learns, every circumstance of life is an apprenticeship.”

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