More than 1300 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean

The Italian navy and the Coast Guard rescued this Saturday more than 1300 migrants who were sailing in three different boats along the most dangerous route in the Mediterranean, two weeks after the tragedy that caused the death of more than 70 people on the coast of Crotone.Detected the boats in the Mediterranean, on Friday afternoon several boats were sent to help rescue the migrants, which were transported in small fishing boats. This morning, 487 people were already taken to the port of Crotone, and later, another 500 arrived in the port of Regio of Calabria.La tragedy that occurred two weeks ago intensified prevention measures against boats trying to disembark across the Mediterranean, and this time they managed to arrive on time. After knowing the 74th victim of the collision between the boat and some rocks meters from the coast, the Justice investigates the delay of the rescuers, in the midst of a policy focused on stopping immigration to the country. As Télam recently reported, the arrival of immigrants through the Mediterranean route, the most dangerous among migrants, increased by 116% in January and February in relation to 2022 data.

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