Pérsico did not rule out a consensus candidate in the Frente de Todos

Even in the midst of the internal elections, leaders of the Frente de Todos do not rule out that the eyes of the main shareholders of the ruling party converge on a candidate for general elections this year.” In the great leaders of the Front, in Cristina [Kirchner]in [Sergio] Massa, in Alberto [Fernández], in the founders of the Front, even though there is no dialogue at this time, I see a situation that there are possibilities to build a candidate, “said Emilio Pérsico, leader of the Evita Movement.In dialogue with Futuröck, the official of the Ministry of Social Development observed “great dispersion” in the ruling coalition, mainly in the local elections. “Everyone took out their baton trying to find the political space they think they deserve,” he said. Pérsico asked to define a strategy “in common” to face the elections and define who will be the candidates of the party. “We don’t have to put up any more obstacles and quickly have a candidate to fight the electoral battle,” he said. Today there is a dispersion in what is the right in Argentina, and there is no unity. It is a great advantage that we have, “he said, when analyzing the opposition scenario. On the other hand, the social leader referred to the launch of “La Patria de lxs Comunes”, the party made up of the Evita Movement, Barrios de Pie and other social organizations. “We have been thinking about the idea of putting together a party that would express our ideas in political terms for a long time,” he said. Pérsico warned that the situation “is getting worse” and admitted: “We have not managed to make politics see the problems of our people.” I didn’t talk to Cristina Kirchner to put together a party,” he said. And he explained that the space was not set up to compete this year. “We want to sustain unity,” he said.

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