Subway Line A without service during this weekend: what are the alternatives

This weekend, Line A does not provide service due to the need to test the new signal system being installed by Subterráneos de Buenos Aires S.E. (SBASE) in order to provide a better service in the network. On the line that connects Plaza de Mayo-Casa -Rosada with San Pedrito, the signal system is being modernized with the installation of an ATP (Automatic Train Protection), which will provide a more reliable service, with greater regularity and improve operation. Thus, the line closed from 22 on Friday, March 24 and will return to normal operation from Monday 27 in the morning -from 5:30 h-. During this day, specialized personnel will run the trainings in order to check the proper functioning of all the components of the system and identify possible failures – such as delays or errors in the assignment of itineraries, speed codes, etc. – to be corrected for the completion of this stage of the work, scheduled for the month of April. Signalling systems are systems for the control and protection of formations, whose main function is to circulate safely by assigning routes and informing the position of trains to avoid collisions, that is, they are linked to safety and frequency of service.

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