Carmen Barbieri spoke about Jey Mammón’s interview: “I believe him”

On Friday afternoon, the interview conducted by Jey Mammón with Jorge Rial aired, where the Telefe host made a disclaimer after the accusation of Lucas Benvenuto for alleged sexual abuse. Today, Carmen Barbieri from her cycle “Mañanisíma” spoke of this interview and supported the words of Mammón who claims to see him “Very bad”. “I’m going to touch on the subject with more and more caution, delicacy and so much respect, because everything I say is misinterpreted,” he began by saying cautiously about the delicate subject. “I saw Jey’s disclaimer and said ‘I believe him,’ because everyone was saying he was acting. I believe his anguish, his crying, his anger and the total destruction on his face,” he said. However, the driver also referred to the complainant and on that she elaborated: “I will always be on the side of the victim, but until proven otherwise, let’s try to be neutral. You have to listen to the other side,” he said. At the same time he recognized his dilemma and said: “When I listen to Luke, my heart breaks. And when I see Jey I say ‘it’s the total destruction of him.’ I’m not talking about work or money, but about total destruction as a human being. Whether guilty or not. I’m not anywhere, let it be clear,” he said. To close the topic, Carmen said: “I try to be neutral when we talk, but I miss the intimate thing. What I feel here in my heart I don’t say. You can imagine, which side I am on, on the same side as everyone.”

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