María Kodama’s nephews claim Borges’ inheritance

A day after María Kodama’s attorney announced that a will with her last will was not found, the nephews of the widow of Jorge Luis Borges appeared before the Justice as heirs to claim for the legacy of the most prominent writer of Argentine literature. I am relieved,” Fernando Soto, who was María Kodama’s agent for years and was in charge of opening the trial for the succession of the translator before the copyright of the work of Jorge Luis Borges ended up in the hands of the State of the City of Buenos Aires, told Telam. The nephews of María Kodama presented themselves as heirs before the Civil Court 94 “of the City of Buenos Aires, announced the lawyer a day after denouncing the possible vacancy of the inheritance with the intention, precisely, that the successors appear. Who are the nephews of María KodamaThis was how in the last hours Mariana del Socorro, Martín, Nicolás and María Belén Kodama, children of Jorge Kodama, brother of María, requested “a declaration of heirs”. As it transpired, in the presentation the nephews of Maria Kodama requested to make a provisional inventory and seize movable property such as literary works, prizes, decorations, manuscripts, photos, journalistic material and property titles of literary and historical value that must be safeguarded. Soto explained that “the nephews are responsible for requesting an administrator and the protection of those assets” and clarified that, “while it would be a practical decision” for the plaintiffs to contact him, they are not required to do so by law. This makes me happy and relieves my spirit, that the nephews have presented themselves as heirs opens a new stage in the succession file, “said Soto.María Kodama died at age 86 on March 26 because of respiratory failure. The heirs are sons of his brother, also deceased. After a life dedicated to caring with suspicion for the legacy of Borges it seems strange that María Kodama has not taken care of every last detail for posterity, but Soto explained that “it was her life, she never cared about heritage.” She didn’t want to talk about anything about finitude, so much so that Borges didn’t tell her to be heir. She found out later,” he added.

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