Vidal: “Inflation can reach 200%”

After the announcement of the official inflation numbers in March, María Eugenia Vidal, national deputy for the PRO, questioned the current management and warned that there may be 200% if they continue with the same system. If we continue to give the machine to print banknotes, today we have 100% and next year we will have 200% inflation. And there’s going to be no way to stop it,” he warned. In that sense, about a possible solution to the economic problems in the country, the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires said that “what was broken for 40 years is not fixed in 4,” and explained that “it will take more than one mandate, I do not say from the same person or the same space. No, in those 4 years the transformation has to begin.” On the other hand, Vidal referred to his next candidacy, in the midst of the internal ones for the different names that appear in the PRO. “If I didn’t have ovaries, I wouldn’t even think about being a candidate. I think I showed it as governor when I confronted the corrupt police and threw out 13,000 police officers from the province of Buenos Aires and I didn’t have a single rebellion,” she said. Likewise, the deputy pointed out the differences that exist in society with respect to the moment in which the opposition left power in 2019. “What changed is reality, the people of Buenos Aires do not live better than in 2019. They have more insecurity, worse education, worse health. Not a single health center was built, an ambulance was not added, they did not continue the infrastructure plan,” he said. In that sense, the presidential candidate directly criticized Axel Kicillof, current governor of the province of Buenos Aires. “So I ask myself, what is the reason why they would vote for Kicillof again? How did it improve your life?” he asked about the ending.

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