Malena Villa, invited by Alicia Keys, took the recognition of a full stadium

Malena Villa has been going through a year of challenges and many projects, and of great achievements and successes that continue to position her in the music scene at a firm and well-deserved pace. Last Sunday she was in charge of opening the Alicia Keys show at the stadium in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo where thousands of people could enjoy and fall in love with her repertoire of songs. In an unforgettable show he performed “Velocidad”, “Hoy qué haces?”, “Película”, “Salvaje”, “Pedazo de cielo”, “Sad balada” and “Lindos Problemas” and there was also a special moment to present his recent single “Fuiste”. Malena Villa performs on May 31 for the first time at the Vorterix Theater in the city of Buenos Aires, to share a strong preview of what will be her next album with a release date in July. Tickets can be purchased through show will be a revelation of what he was building during these last months with a new proposal never seen before, but that will also feature reviews of his entire musical career. Undoubtedly, we will be facing a performance that reaffirms this new facet of the artist and that is already generating a lot of expectation among her followers. (Malena Villa, opening for Alicia Keys) Her new material, whose name has not yet been revealed, had a first release on digital platforms with the single “Fuiste” that includes a video clip produced by Agustín Portela.This new work of the composer joins the debut album “La Negación” in 2020 and her two EPs “Ni tan bien” and “Ni tan mal” in 2021. During 2022 he participated in the Lollapalooza, Primavera Sound, Quilmes Rock, Cosquín Rock in Córdoba and Harlem Fest festivals in Santa Fe.

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