Woman found dead in home of the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood, Morelia

The woman had no traces of violence. The death was due to natural causes, police officials said.
Morelia, Mich.- During the morning of this Tuesday, a woman was found dead inside a home located in the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood, west of Morelia, police authorities reported, which added that the aforementioned did not appreciate traces of violence and died of probable bronchoaspiration.
The fact was registered in a building on Ley Street of the Balsas Commission, and was reported to the emergency number, for which some municipal patrol cars came, as well as paramedics, who confirmed the death of the female.
It transpired that the aforementioned citizen responded to the name of Norma, approximately 48 years of age. The uniformed requested the intervention of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), because at the time of the discovery the cause of death was unknown.
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The elements of the Immediate Care Unit arrived at the aforementioned address and transferred the body to the morgue for the practice of the necropsy of rigor, in order to determine the origin of the death.

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