Plan Morelos recognizes women’s right to decide about their bodies: Seimujer

The agenda places as a high priority to achieve the exercise of their human rights
Morelia, Michoacán. – Michoacán is moving towards the recognition of women’s human rights, such as the right to decide on their own bodies, said the Secretary of Substantive Equality and Development of Michoacan Women (Seimujer), Carolina Rangel Gracida, according to a statement.
The proposal is part of the Morelos Plan presented by Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla last Sunday in search of expanded rights for all, all and all, through the elaboration of a broad social agenda from the collective, with a plural and inclusive debate that promotes reforms and profound changes, legal and constitutional.
“For the first time the State Government has an inclusive agenda, with a collective, humanistic vision, equality and respect, which places in the highest priority the full exercise of the fundamental rights of women, such as the recognition of their reproductive rights and the right of all to decide about their own body,” Rangel Gracida said.
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In addition, he agreed with the state governor that it is essential to recognize the work of caregivers that a large number of Michoacanas perform from their homes, either raising their children, supporting their homes, or caring for older adults, limiting their own personal development, to dedicate to others.
Finally, she pointed out that Seimujer is working on effective actions that promote this approach to defending human rights from an inclusive gender perspective, so Michoacán is already a reference in public policies aimed at women with programs such as support for shelter graduates or the Safe Travel program.

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