Silvina Luna recorded her days at the clinic in order to make a documentary to help the victims

Today, from LAM, Angel de Brito returned to the subject of Silvina Luna and after an extensive talk with Ezequiel, brother of the actress added resonant data of the cause that carries out, the material contributed and what the model did before dying. After chilling data from the autopsy of the body of the young woman who died at age 40 on August 31, because of the malpractice carried out by Aníbal Lotocki, the LAM driver shared the word of Silvina’s brother, who accompanied her until her last day.  One of the things he wanted to convey was the gratitude on the part of him and Silvina for the accompaniment of the media and all the people who prayed for her and that after its outcome the book she wrote sold out all its copies, so it will be republished for charitable purposes. “The book is a reflection of Silvina’s learning. All that money is going to be donated to a civil association that fights against the problems of cosmetic surgeries, “said Angel.  Another revealing fact had to do with Silvina’s request to record everything that happened during the 79 days of hospitalization in order to make a documentary that raises awareness about the subject. “Everything that happened in the clinic is recorded, and everything that happened before as well, at Silvina’s request. Moreover, Ezequiel told me, at one point in the clinic, in very bad condition, Silvina said: ‘record!, record!, let everything be recorded’.  I was conscious in that sense,” he explained.  To close with the testimony, Ezequiel recalled the day in which his sister asked him to accompany her to perform the intervention with Lotocki and expressed that in addition to reiterating his refusal to said intervention, when Silvina left the procedure she could not move and had to go home lying face down: “When Silvina came out of the operation she could not move. I took her in the tail car up.” 

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