transl: What is and how to prevent dry eye syndrome?

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the syndrome of the eye dry is described by experts as a «decrease in the quantity or quality of tears». Facing the increase in demand for ophthalmologic consultations, Aldo Da Pra physician explains the causes and methods of prevention against this problem.

In dialogue with the Argentine News Agency, the specialist said that the dry eye syndrome «can be produced by the use of screens of computers and cellphones that determine changes in the tear film».

According to this logic, the flicker frequency – which in humans is approximately 18 times per minute – decreases by half before the use of these electronic devices. «Therefore this affects the proper physiological lubrication loss,» said Da Pra.

The expert recommended 60 cm screen, slightly below the eyes, reducing the brightness and trying to incorporate voluntarily, more flicker and rest 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

The dry eye syndrome | Photo: Stock Photosintomasentre are the most common symptoms detailed by Da Pra: the feeling of grit, itching, redness. Difficulty in reading, watching TV or in open your eyes when you wake up. Mucosidad.Intenso lagrimeoEl Sjogren’s syndrome (a disease affecting the glands that produce moisture in whole body) «.» Beyond of these nuisances, may appear more severe such as keratitis and corneal ulcer consequences».  Factors that could cause the syndrome of the eye SecoLa menopause. Diabetes and autoimmune diseases (arthritis or lupus). Herpes zoster. Use of contact lenses. Continuous exposure to digital displays. Medications (diuretics, beta blockers, psychotropic, antihistamines, etc.). Surgeries such as LASIK (correction of the ametropías). Eye drops with preservatives. Exposure to dry, windy weather, smoke, and air conditioners.  The dry eye syndrome | Photo: Stock prevention according to Aldo Da Praevitar Photometodos overly air-conditioned, on all heated environments. Use humidifiers of environment. Do not go to places with environments or very windy, dry climates with dust or smoke. Wear wraparound sunglasses to reduce the effect of the wind. Pausing every 20 minutes to set sight on screens.  Maintain hygiene of eyelids, especially the edge, since there are Meibomian glands that serve the function of secrete lipid, thus avoiding evaporation of tears. He is recommended, according to each patient, apply eye drops calls «artificial tears» which are similar to natural tears drugs and help to maintain moisture and lubrication of the eyes. Also artificial caps on the lacrimal points can be placed to avoid tear and, in some cases draining, anti-inflammatory and stimulant medications of the lacrimal secretion are used.  

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