translated from Spanish: Morelia invites to visit Museum of recycling SOS

Morelia Morelia home invites you to visit Museum of recycling SOS El Ayuntamiento of Morelia through the Ministry of public services invited citizens in general to visit duran You SOS Museum of recycling week.
Whether in school groups or individually, the Museum of recycling SOS provides an experience one hundred per cent, through which it gives relevant information as well as advice on the management of waste in 11 scenarios, dynamic, creative and fun .
As an example, it is the stage of the game “WINS, learning in the Museum” crafts of recicloterapia, or “The Lottery” which explains the process and consequences of global warming. 19 sculptures made entirely with waste, recycling and worms, among others are present in the same way.

It is worth detailing that with the purpose of improving the quality of the environment in the city, this point functions as storage batteries and appliances Center. The Museum is located in the peripheral ride of the Republic 5500, I Lake colony, opposite the Macro Plaza Stadium, opening hours from 09:00 to 15:00 hours from Monday to Friday.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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