translated from Spanish: Labor inclusion: 8 Tips to a good job

interview some of the questions that most were repeated in the first meeting of former patients of Telethon f ueron: what to say when you ask me why not work in what I studied? How say my weaknesses in a good way?, «I feel that I speak much and that I play against what?»; «I get very nervous in job interviews how would face it?»; «I feel that when they see my disability is bothered what?»; «I am very young for the post How do I explain to I have the capabilities?»; doubts of some of the more than 200 graduates of Telethon that reached the first former patients meeting held in Santiago.
The director of the instituto Teletón de Santiago explained the meaning of the first meeting of alumni and commented that «this is the first meeting that is made in the history of the institution and is proud because we exist thanks to our users, who are now part and which were part ever Telethon family. During this day we had workshops and dialogues where our former patients shared their experiences focused on labour inclusion».
Answer the questions was Paulina Méndez de altitude consultants, who, with eight years of experience in personnel selection, gave some tips to a job interview is successful. Then the main: the improvisation in a job interview leads to failure. It is very important to prepare for the interview, read about the company – know facilities, products, etc. – and thinking about what I could bring to the institution, always prepare what you will say.
It must not be nervous. The nerves in the interview feel and make the interviewer feel uncomfortable too, generating a little Pro and insecure environment. Feel comfortable, think that you have nothing to lose.
Make the other feel comfortable. You always have to try to make the interviewer feel comfortable. How? Breaking the ice! A good advice is a smile, they are signs that change the perception. Remember that in an interview both should feel comfortable and accepted.
Appearance matters. It has nothing to do with the physical aspect, it has to do with empathy, passion, energy, joy with which you present to the interview. Always show you interested.
Prepare answers to difficult questions. Why you said goodbye last work? Why not work in what students? What are your weakness and strengths? Why would you work with us?
Always speak positively. Even you ask about your weaknesses, raise it as something in what you are doing. If they ask you about something that you do not resolve in some earlier work, say that you’ve already learned the lesson and take it as a learning, remember, always positive.
Never exaggerate. Talk about the right and always in positive. Remember that passion and energy has nothing to do with how you speak.
«Break the ice» of disability.  Remember that the key is to feel comfortable to the rest, so «breaking the ice». ‘Happy Holaestoy belong to this position, I’m sure that you can provide in this.’ Prove that yes I can, and I am sure of the position that I ran, because I know that I can contribute. If the company is not prepared in terms of accessibility or other, mentioning which are minimum requirements that you need. (If you need them).
In addition to these tips, it is necessary to remember that the curriculum should not have more than two leaves, becoming the specific accomplishments that have been achieved in each of your previous jobs, refer to past achievements speak always in plural and teamwork arrive 10 minutes early to watch how the company moves and practice the interview in the mirror if necessary.
During the conversation with the graduates also settled some points considered blunders when it comes to an interview, how to talk much can demonstrate that the interview was not planned, flatter and qualify in excess, say that it is hard work in equipment, touch personal matters unless asked, arriving late to the interview because you lose 50% probability of being hired.

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