translated from Spanish: It was a brave truth: died Andrés Aylwin

the last days was turning a bit and finally departed, in peace, surrounded by his family. Past 7 in the morning died one of the most respected and admired, the former Deputy political DC, Andrés Aylwin, who in his 93 years of life marked by his example to thousands of people for his fierce defense of human rights, especially in dictatorship. A man who lived as a result to as thought.
Lawyer, the «brother fighter» of former President Patricio Aylwin as it is self defined the year 2015-sided magazine in an interview. And he was right, he was one of the 13, this small group of the DC who had the courage to condemn publicly, through a letter, what happened the day after the coup. «We categorically condemn the overthrow of the constitutional President of Chile, Mr Salvador Allende, whose Government, by decision of the will of the people and our party, went unchanged opponents.» We are inclined friendly before the sacrifice which he made of his life in defense of the constitutional authority», reads the historical letter that was also signed by Bernardo Leighton, Mariano Ruiz-Esquide, Jorge Donoso, Belisario Velasco and Renan next Andrés Aylwin Fuentealba.
It was relegated to the North, was exiled, returning to Chile in 1978, was part of the Pro Paz Committee and the Vicaría de la Solidaridad. He worked tirelessly to the violations of human rights being committed in dictatorship, he was President of the grouping of lawyers Pro rights human and director of the Committee against torture serving as a lawyer Prosecutor in cases of missing detainees.
Recovered democracy, he was elected Deputy for the district 30, San Bernardo, seat he held for two consecutive terms until March 1998. He never wanted to be Senator.
In this interview with magazine faces, performed after overcoming an illness that had him guessing at that time, said that he was not afraid of death: «simply, I had evidence that was finishing my existence. As the shadow I saw my family, my wife and my four children. Doctors and nurses running to all sides and one that isn’t silly, thinking: ‘The time’. But it was calm, I lived it as a natural process. Interestingly, it was not a religious peace. At any minute, I said: ‘Lord, into your hands I surrender’ «.»
He also had words for the match of his life, the DC. This said by 2015: «party is miraculously maintained, but without the force of before.» The DC is dull, with fewer people, but it is surprising to keep the old Falangist culture on the bases. MPs I look at them, in general, absent in the great political debate. The lack of figures I am concerned». Not only spoke of his party, but of the political class in general: «the political world has lost their dreams,» added.
The year 2015 he was honored by the Chamber of Deputies. In his speech he said «all those who rise up against dictatorship are not anti Patriots, they are people who defend deep homeland, which want their children, that is not hate or death, but it is life».
He never repented of the life that led. «No doubt,» said faces when asked if he would travel the same road that was if I could go back.
Confirmed his death, various political figures have transversely expressed condolences, featuring consequence and humility of Andrés Aylwin, its defense to the victims of the dictatorship, for exmaple, politician. From President Sebastián Piñera, until the former President Michelle Bachelet, to the heads of the Chamber of Deputies, Maya Fernández, and the Senate, Carlos Montes, parliamentarians as José Miguel Insulza, senators DC Jorge Pizarro, Yasna Provostem Carolina Goic, Ximena Rincón, Francisco Huenchumilla and the helmsman of the Phalanx, Fuad Chaín, all they did mourn his departure and recognized his legacy.
Lawyer Nelsón Caucoto said Aylwin was «a constructor of society, a builder of peace».
Aylwin died due to various diseases bedeviling him, as his grandson, pointed out a few days ago Sebastian. This morning in a statement signed by their children, Cecilia, Andrew, Peter and Veronica, confirmed the news: «as it was his life, passed away in peace, in his house, accompanied by all his children and grandchildren. We are grateful to all those who have accompanied us these days, giving us so many signs of love and affection. We are proud of what was his life, an example of honesty, austerity, rectitude and ethics in politics and in the defense of the DD. HH».
During the weekend, Mariano Puga gave him extreme unction. Andrés Aylwin will be veiled in the afternoon in the salon of honor from Congress, morning Tuesday 21 held a mass at the Church San Ignacio and his funeral will be held in the General Cemetery. He left only six months later that his spouse, Mónica Chiorrini, who died in February, and with whom he was married 68 years.

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