translated from Spanish: Daniela Aránguiz was criticized for talking about «heavy-handed» and mutilation of thieves

the panelist Daniela Aránguiz faces a new controversy by his sayings in the morning «La Mañana» of Chilevisión, since he spoke of «heavy-handed» and mutilation thieves in the middle of a conversation about authoritarian governments. While the panel talked about the conflict between Patricia Maldonado and actors of «House of dolls», the theme of the pain of the victims of torture was played during the dictatorship. At that time appeared the spouse of Jorge Valdivia, who tried to talk about their own experience living in authoritarian countries.» Empathetic with all the people who have suffered, but I also believe in the heavy hand of a country where things work. I lived in the United Arab Emirates, where the thieves cut them the hands and to those who violated children were killed. Go Brazil to a country where lived quiet and knew that they never would I attack. I lived four years in a country, where me nothing happened», he said. «Rafael Araneda animator had to intervene to put the conversation cold Washcloths, Aranguiz stance was completely rejected by the panel.» Dani, with love, with all due respect, can not fall into the same thing, but it is not the way to feel safe. Because the media of this country endorse democracy», said the driver. The sayings of former ballerina were rejected in social networks, space that yesterday also criticized it for qualify the teenager involved in the demand for paternity against Alvaro Salas as «the son of the lover».

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