translated from Spanish: Film “BlacKkKlansman”: Spike Lee criticizes the racism and violence in new film

filmmaker Spike Lee is always in his films the situation of the s African Americans in his country. And this trend is repeated in his new film, “BlacKkKlansman”, which premiered on August 10 in U.S. theaters. In this new work, Lee addresses problems such as violence and racism in the U.S.

The film appears just a year after the violent disturbances of Charlottesville, where right-wing groups and counter-demonstrators clashed during time. That day, activist Heaher Heyer was run over and killed by a neo-Nazi. After what happened, Lee decided to supplement his film documentaries of the protests, including shots of the car that took the lives of Heyer. The reaction of the President of United States, Donald Trump, who made both sides responsible for what happened, was also included by Lee in the production.

Message acclaimed film is the Ku Klux Klan. In 1979, African American actor Ron Stallworth, along with a Jewish colleague, manage to infiltrate the KKK. The film makes clear parallels with the current U.S. policy and social injustices in this country. The leading role is in the hands of John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington, and at his side plays Adam Driver.
Lee was born in 1957, at a time when African-American actors, like Sydney Poitier, were still an exception in Hollywood. Starting from the nineties, became one of the most influential directors by movies like “Malcolm X” and “The perfect plan”.
His film was already shown at the Locarno Film Festival, where he received an excellent reception. In Cannes, Spike Lee received the grand jury prize.

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