translated from Spanish: They translated “The little Prince” language klingon from Star Trek

fans of the mythical “Star Trek” television series are in luck: the children’s classic “The little Prince” can be read now also in the language of the klingon race. Lieven L. Litaer, an expert on the language of Star Trek, has been in charge of translating into klingon the famous story written by the Frenchman Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. “I’ve worn me as much as possible to the original text”, said Professor and expert in klingon, for 38 years. The book will be published in October and use it as reading in their annual courses of klingon language. “The interest in the klingon is growing,” said Litaer. Your language course “qepHom” (small meeting) of November, which is limited to 50 participants, is almost complete, he said. Fans of “Star Trek” of Sweden and Canada have also registered. Many also study the artificial language on the Internet. There is a group on Facebook where more than a thousand people practice klingon. The peculiar language currently comprises some 4,000 words created by the American linguist Marc Okrand. Every year new words are added. This year were more than 120. “A large part was created for ‘The little Prince’,” said Litaer, who started the project in 2004. “I took so long because I was missing much vocabulary,” explained. We had to first create words such as sheep or rose, he added. To learn the language, the book is structured in such way that a page is in German and in other klingon text. In this way, the reader can increase your vocabulary. Litaer estimated that you between 20 and 30 people around the world speak fluent klingon, a language with many tongue twister and sounds of larynx. Meanwhile, thousands have basic skills.” The little Prince”has been translated into about 300 languages and dialects. “This led me to think that the klingon debi¬a be between these languages”, said. The creator of the klingon was American linguist Marc Okrand.

Original source in Spanish

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