translated from Spanish: Premiered the trailer for «Winding road», the film starring Juana Viale

in the framework of the great success of the Argentine movies, «Winding road» comes to re-double the bet. In this context, the first feature film of director Juan Pablo Kolodziej presented the teaser trailer, waiting for the premiere that has a date for November this year.

The film, shot entirely in Patagonia, was produced by Rodeo Films in co-production with Shazam cinema, with the support of the National Institute of cinema and audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the original music by Fito Páez.

The plot tells the story of Mía Siero, an Olympic goés expelled from international competition for use of banned drugs. In the present lives a life of inertia and wrapped in a violent relationship.

In that context, and as a result of an unfortunate family circumstances, mine must return to his hometown to deal with family problems and to face its past. This trip to its roots will be a key piece in the various obstacles that will suffer his family.

«Winding road is the story of a woman who has just entered adulthood, that unfortunate circumstances must rebuild his life to begin a process of self-healing and strengthening. It is a deep, sensitive and forceful, film making a kind of goodness and human evil Treaty», said Kolodziej.

The cast of the film is composed by national figures such as Arturo Puig, Juana Viale, Antonio Birabent and Gustavo Pardi, and count with the participation of prestigious international actress Geraldine Chaplin.

Meanwhile, the screenplay was written by Kolodziej, head of production was Inés Vera, the Director of photography was in charge of Horacio Maira and Darío Feal was responsible for the art direction. 

Road winding film trailer

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