translated from Spanish: Day moved to Cristina: date of commencement of the trial, visit to Comodoro Py and criticism of Macri

former President Cristina Kirchner was presented today at the courthouse in Comodoro Py, where denied accusations of a conspiracy and cr leader ítico to judge Claudio Bonadio to not quote Mauricio Macri in the investigation. 

«Here refers to a temporary extension of the procedural order to the cause and is not convened to provide statement to the owners of the most important companies in the country that would have allegedly participated in episodes that is said to be investigating. 

The exmandataria until 2006 Macri was in charge of the family business group, which according to the sayings of any «repentant» would have also formed part of the cartelisation of public works», expressed in a letter.

Audience lasted little more than 20 minutes and is the second time that Bonadio summons it in this case, and is based on have extended the term of investigation since 2003 to 2015, when before it was since 2008. 

Now, with the dollar already touching the 40 pesos, I called investigation for the seventh time. I say… and if tested with govern? They received a desendeudado country, administered the nation, PBA and CABA… #ArgentinaSinEstadoDeDerecho – Cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) 3 September 2018 «in the midst of the worst economic news and when the dollar approached the forty pesos, f» EU required that I cited for the seventh time this Court», Cristina Kirchner, who said that the same was true when he called it criticized as imputed on other occasions and other causes.

Cristina Kirchner criticized that Bonadio has «hijacked» the record have not drawn the complaint arose from another cause that he was investigating, and branded him «judge enemy».  

Meanwhile, the Oral Court criminal 2 Federal decided today to start on Feb. 26 the oral proceedings in the case called «Roads» which investigated the so-called addressing of public works in Santa Cruz.

It is the first case against the former President arriving in the instance of trial for irregularities in the award of public works road to the Austral group, owned by Lázaro Báez. 

From 13 April 2016, when the dollar was at 14.60, Bonadio I cited six times to his court: three times the cause «Future dollar», one for «The Willows», one for the «Memorandum with Iran» and another in this summary. #ArgentinaSinEstadoDeDerecho-cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) September 3 of 2018segun confirmed the Centre of legal information (ICJ), the judges of the tribunal Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, Jorge Gorini and Jorge Tassara set for February 26, 2019, to the 12: 00, the beginning of the public trial hearing.

Cause of notebooks Crisis economic road

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