translated from Spanish: Giuseppe Gamba will catch you with your new character

since the start image TV transmissions has been catching his audience with stories that impact. This week kicked off a soap opera that aims to captivate the Mexicans with a theme that is not focused on venerating the narcos. Even though it is a story with that theme, it does not rotate around this. One of the main characters is Alexander, role played by Giuseppe Gamba, who feels very happy with being caught. Read also: Danny Perea and the challenge of going after Rosario Tijeras “(I feel) very proud of the product we ended up and process that we live, I think it’s an amazing project and me made me very happy, and was very eager to leave now”.

One day I decided to follow my dreams. I decided to find my own way, begin to define me. I decided that he wasn’t going to let anything or anyone to tell me that I could or do. . This project, which fills me with pride chest opens today. Today it begins to tell this story that fills my soul’s peace, a story like that I always wanted to have. Many years ago I started a path towards my dreams, to the profession that so much love… and today I have the privilege of seeing materialized so many years of effort, so many nights of study and so many disappointments. Do not exchange this profession for nothing, this way for no other, this project nor by anything else. . Infinite thanks to all the people who had the slightest interference in my career, and to those who have believed in my thanks. Thank you detonate my dreams and give me the platform to tell this. . Thank you @marcelferrer @carolinalecontemejia and @cerditavoladora @xcantuarias22 for believing in my work. . Thank you @salvitaespinosa @javisolar and @fer_urdapilleta_ for sharing me your passion and help me create. . Thank you Vero, @erick.chapa @afri_zavala @pamohpam and @salvadoramaya7 for being my family, for sharing this project with me. . Thanks to all who worked on this project, for making my job easier and work with so much love. . Thank you @gabrielblancoi @evaporrascarmona and @karolonshine always keep me on course and share my dreams with me. . Thanks to each and every one of the people who have taken the time to send me a message of support, to go to see the theater, to make me a casting, to talk about my work, or to see me on TV. . Thanks to life for allowing me to do what I love so much. . Thank you, thank you and thank you. . It was cool.
A publication sharing by Giuseppe Gamba (@gamba2) 2018 Sep 3 12:24 PDT but what is striking is that in this project all the characters are a linchpin for history engages. Giuseppe shares that while Africa Zavala is the protagonist of the story, there are many conflicting and protagonists. “Mariana, the protagonist, has a central history, has a relationship with two brothers that affect them differently because they are completely opposite.” The actor admits that since he received the text to test for the character, he told his manager that wanted to meet with the paper. 

The actor is happy with this role. Photo: Courtesy and so it was as Alexander came into his life, is the smaller brother, the Pope dies and all the time had prepared to the eldest son, Philip, who interprets it Erick veneer. His character is the junior of the family, does not have many responsibilities, but when the older brother who has to take care of everything is not and he takes the reins. “Alexander is a type that is dedicated to solve because it does not think, acciona and then you see what happens, their decisions are not as good, is the antagonistic because it deceives his spouse, because it kills, it is not a very virtuous type, the things does not make them by evil” It has many nuances.” Read also: Paulo Quevedo returned to Mexico and takes flight with the pilot “within this project, there are two bad, bad people, my character does things that te cae bien, is a type that to the extent possible meets always putting his family which is the most important thing.” For Giuseppe, more than a narcoserie or a story that focuses on violence, is a story of human and interesting people, “history not part of a drug trafficker who is a hero or an assassin who is covered in glory and that everyone wants to be like her. Part of two families with two children each playing them live a reality that they did not seek, they necessarily wanted to be arms dealers, they start to wonder if road kills, the excesses of money and the constant wars of all these things is the way of truth. It sounds interesting because in the story we are doing a criticism constructively”. 

The actor also says that it is a project which will change a little content, that content that the Viewer is asking. On the other hand this story Gamba debuted in image TV and appreciates that opening taking place lately in the companies. “I like me find stories that I fill, it seems to me that you close to being tied forced to work with a company and you start to lose the why you really are actor.” Suddenly your creative calling is turned off, all those who work in this environment we want to tell stories where it is”. 
 In this note: image TV caught Giuseppe Gamba Narcoserie

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