translated from Spanish: Horror in Australia: he killed his three daughters, spouse and mother-in-law in the House and he lived a week with corpses

a horrible crime shaking to a small town in Australia, then that 24-year-old arrived at a police station confessing a grisly multiple murder against his own family. Without further detail, he told officers to go to her home in Bedford, where they would find «at least five corpses». When police attended the place, found two twins of two years (Alice and Beatrix), three-year-old sister and a half (Charlotte), in addition to the mother (Mara, 43 years) and grandmother (Beverly, 73 years) girls, all killed for days in the House. Anthony Robert Harvey turned out to be the father, spouse and son-in-law of the victims, was arrested and charged with murder for the death of five people. The 19th of this month will be formalized. The first analysis of the research, described as «macabre» by officers, realize that man was several days in the House after committing the killings, coexist with the corpses. Then traveled more than a thousand kilometres by train and went to station police where confessed to the facts. The residents of the neighborhood say that you struck them not see day girls go out and play to the garden, something that usually did. The relevant proceedings are already to know when and how the events took place, but preliminarily, it is said that they were killed on September 3 with «blunt knives and tools».

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