translated from Spanish: Restaurant PRI (5): return of absolutist presidentialism

in a survey conducted in 1964 by the political scientists Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba in several countries on the civic culture, the results in Mexico were not surprising: two values they dominated the conscious and the unconscious collective: the Mexican Revolution as ideal of Justice and the President of the Republic as the dominant parental figure. In his book the presidential succession in 1910, Francisco I. Madero became one of the proposed analytical most important to characterize the dictator Porfirio Díaz: absolute power, institutional power over rules and balances that rested on a person. The 1917 Constitution consolidated the presidentialism to focusing on the head of the federal executive power and to establish direct, universal and secret election of the President of the Republic taking to Congress any intervention in the appointment of the holder of the presidential institution. The PRI political system was not only consolidating one-man and absolute power of the President of the Republic, they built a structure of functional power to absolutist presidentialism. The key to Plutarco Elias Calles inherited was the creation of a party from the State, the Government and the system handled directly by the President of the Republic. The PRI political system, therefore, moved – thesis of Daniel Cosío Villegas, Manuel Camacho, and Luis Javier Garrido, among others-, – PNR, PRM, and PRI – party as an instrument of power of the President of the Republic. The collapse of the PRI system was not the power structure, but presidential errors away from the PRI in the society. The model in the long cycle PRI presidente-partido 1929-2018 just be endorsed by society to give Lopez Obrador 53% of votes and Morena to the 52% majority, figures to society remove you the PRI since 1988. And in their first decisions, Lopez Obrador President-elect has consolidated this model returning to presidential absolutism. Morenoite presidentialism will be equal and stronger than the priista:1-Control budget and its distribution in the dynamic award-castigo.2-direct Chief of the party in power. Control of Morena in designation of all charges of popular election: Governors, mayors, local and federal deputies and Senators; the legislators of the Republic, as seen in the cry of the submission-«is an honor…» – the day of his installation, depend on the President and not the electores.3-Control of other powers and autonomous bodies through the Executive proposals voted on the most morenoite Congress: election Institute, Supreme Court, between otros.4-Control of all the security forces to provide the State, whose Chief is the Executive, the monopoly of force and the represion.5-Control economic policy via Finance and most legislativa.6-officials of the Bank of Mexico appointed by the ejecutivo.7.– ongoing – Media Control of communication through advertising spending of the State as the only source of income of prensa.8.-fusion in the President of the Republic of the headquarters of the Government and of Estado.9-the presidential embodiment of the policy exterior.10.- and the cherry on the cake: as in the PRI, the power of Lopez Obrador to appoint by handpick his successor in the 2024.La society voted for the PRI model now with López Obrador-Morena.politica for dummies: politics is the exercise of power without a counterweight. For your eyes only: * remember to check every day the site to find out geopolitical games power.* purchase via market free book the crisis of Mexico… further than 2018, Carlos Ramírez, to understand what comes after elections and in bookstores Porrúa in all the pais.* the crisis of violence at UNAM and the mobilizations in universities in the interior for budgetary reasons and delays in payments is creating the breeding ground for the protest without control. The fault is, clearly, political, but also of strategic forecasts of the offices of intelligence and political security of the State. The Cheerleading at the UNAM is already associated to organized crime of the narco.* famous last words: «I will not talk of that (members of the Green brunette hop) hearts, corazoncitas»: Lopez Obrador to reporters and reporters.

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