translated from Spanish: Chile: 11 sounds that marked the September 11, 1973, when Pinochet overthrew Allende

on 11 September 1973, the voice of Augusto Pinochet, the General who governed the fate of Chile for 17 years, from that day was almost not heard publicly.
Pinochet was stationed in the army telecommunications command of coordinating steps for the coup to overthrow the Socialist Government of Salvador Allende.
Through Radial chains, the uniformed communicated their decisions to citizens through sides read by spokesmen and media controls.
His absence contrasts with the several times that Allende spoke to the country that day, surprisingly calm, in speeches that his followers have become symbols of wholeness and political awareness.
Plan or joke?
Pinochet said, however, that took 25 years to come to light.
Copyright of the imagenGETTY IMAGESImage captionUna statue is reminiscent of President Salvador Allende in the outskirts of the Palacio de la Moneda.
Talks that had – mainly with the Commander of the air force, Gustavo Leigh and Vice Admiral Patricio Carvajal – were intercepted by a radio amateur and broadcast for the first time in 1988 in the CD «Secret interference» of the journalist Patricia Verdugo.
In it, hear the orders given to troops, the comments of the members of the future meeting and the first measures that would be taken towards the population.
And revealed Pinochet’s allusion to a possible crash of the plane that were offering to Allende to leave the country, which, as he recalled a few years ago radio Biobio, still unaware «to date if it was a plan to kill the still-President of» «Chile or whether it was just a macabre joke».
BBC World presents 11 audio – some of them unpublished until 1988 – which marked the dramatic day.
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1. Confirmation of the coup as well confirmed Salvador Allende on the radio the coup makes 45 Quinceaneralight first official confirmation that something was happening was conveyed to citizenship through Radio Corporation by the own Salvador Allende, who had arrived at La Moneda Palace close to 7:30 in the morning.
A couple of hours before, in Valparaiso, about 115 kilometers west of Santiago, the Navy boats had entered the port and troops had occupied streets and Government buildings.
Alerted to the situation, the President – who had tried to unnecessarily contacted from his residence with the military chiefs – called on Chileans to remain calm and occupy their posts and said that he would remain in his post.
2. the military demanded the resignation of Allende military release when they demand the resignation of AllendeApenas half an hour later, at 8:30 in the morning, and while they bombed and cleared the facilities of the media who supported the Unidad Popular, UP, the Armed and police forces issued his first camp, expressing that they were United in the Mission of «fighting for the liberation of the homeland of the yoke Marxist» and calling for the resignation of Allende.
Signed it who computed the first military junta: the commanders in Chief of the army, air force, Augusto Pinochet, Gustavo Leigh, and the self-appointed head of the Navy, Jose Toribio Merino, and general director of Carabineros, César Mendoza.
After reading it, the Palace Guard abandoned La Moneda.
3. allende refuses to relinquish the audio of Allende communicating to Chileans who refuses to call military renunciarLuego, Salvador Allende returned to go to Chileans to reiterate that would not abandon the La Moneda Palace and a criticism made of the soldiers that you were involved in the uprising.
In his speech, the President reiterated his decision to defend democracy, even at the cost of his life and praised the attitude of the general director of Carabineros holder, José María Sepúlveda, who was with him at La Moneda.
4. the call of the workers call to workers to prevent the military coup tap denounced the failure of the UP Government, a serious economic, social and moral crisis, and the imminence of a civil war due to the increase of groups armed paramilitaries.
But despite the supposed threat, in the streets of Santiago in the beginning there were only isolated foci of resistance, in places like the textile factory add and the popular district of La Legua.
Shortly after 9 o’clock, the single Confederation of workers called for the occupation of jobs, factories and industries with a view to resist the military and defend the Government of Salvador Allende.
5. the warning of the coup warning of the golpistasDesde the time of the coup, the military began issuing sides to send messages and to give orders.
In this, one of the first, they warn citizens that any act of sabotage would be punished the most dramatically and in the place of the incident.
6. the last speech the last speech of Salvador AllendeConsciente that the currency would be attacked and radio Magallanes, whose studies were located a few blocks from La Moneda, was the only station akin to the UP that was transmitting, Allende called her Director, Guillermo Ravest, and asked that they bring him to the air immediately.
«There is no time to lose,» quickly it.
Minutes after 9 o’clock in the morning, three hours before the bombing of La Moneda, Salvador Allende issued his last words and announced his willingness to die as President of Chile.
In the following days, Ravest and a controller radio recorded speech on magnetic tapes to be distributed among the clandestine Communist Party direction Chilean and foreign correspondents, rescuing an audio that was to become the testament the President politically.
7. «the aircraft dropped» «aircraft dropped» at 9:30 in the morning, Allende met with their three hostesses, who raised him the futility of all resistance.
Air aide offered him an air force aircraft to leave the country.
The President rejected the offer and proposed dialogue with the commanders in Chief under certain conditions.
Following audio, from the CD «Secret interference» – listen to Augusto Pinochet demanding unconditional resignation of the President and alluding to the possible crash of the ship that could remove him from the country.
8. the bombing of La Moneda the MonedaUna bombing once the military raised an ultimatum, announcing the bombing of La Moneda, Allende ordered a truce that could leave the 11 women who were in the compound, including his daughter Beatriz.
Tanks complete the fence to the Government Palace and those who remain alongside Allende urging leave the premises.
At 11:50 in the morning Hawker Hunter aircraft of the Chilean Air Force 7 Group begin bombardment. Starts the fire and the second floor is partially destroyed.
One of the is more dramatic of the day.
9. it is prohibited to circular prohibits circularCerca from 12:40, the military side number 8 banned the transit of persons and vehicles on the streets of Santiago.
Amid the chaos, the capital tried to return to their homes and to communicate with their loved ones.
The currency had been bombed and in the Centre listened is firefighters sirens heading towards it.
10. «They said that Allende committed suicide» while the currency is burning in flames, general Javier Palacios moves into the Palace in the middle of the action of snipers who defend the Government.
Allende, who carries helmet and carries a gun, ordered after the 1 pm, accountability and output of those who even accompany him.
The President says goodbye to his collaborators, advancing in a column to the door of La Moneda on Morande Street 80, where delivered to the military.
According to the investigation by judge Mario Carroza, which in 2012 confirmed the suicide of President Salvador Allende joined the Independence Hall, on the second floor, «sits on a sofa, placed the rifle he carried between her legs and resting it on her chin, activated it, die instantly».
General Palacios finds his corpse and Vice Admiral Patricio Carvajal reports Pinochet in English «If there are interferences».
Pinochet insists the idea of toss out Allende of Chile in aircraft, even if he is already dead and bury him in Cuba.
11 assumes the Board assumes the juntaLa military Junta swore the same September 11, assuming not only the power of Executive, but also the judiciary and ordering the recess of Congress.
One by one, its members – Augusto Pinochet, Commander in Chief of the army, Gustavo Leigh, of the air force, the self-proclaimed head of the Navy, Jose Toribio Merino, and general director of Carabineros, Cesar Mendoza, justified its action and claimed to have acted by patriotic inspiration.
The military regime led by Pinochet lasted 17 years and leave at least 40 thousand victims–including more than 3,000 dead, according to the work done by various committees after the return of democracy in 1990.
* this article was originally published on September 11, 2013, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the coup that overthrew Salvador Allende.

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