translated from Spanish: Morena ready complaints & Investigation Commission by detours during administration of Rosario Robles

Ricardo Monreal, Coordinator of Morena in the Senate, said that his group will pose before the House integrate a Commission of inquiry by the detour resources on Sedesol and Sedatu, and said that it will submit criminal charges.
In addition, said that it will be mentioned to appear in the Senate to the Secretaries for the millionaire diversion of resources detected by the Superior audit of the Federation (ASF) during the years 2014 and 2016.
Criminal complaints shall be submitted once the hearings and the interviews, made said.
«We do not value judgments or specific accusations, but if we consider that it should be clarified, we will present a point of agreement to make the House determine it, approves it and begin a process which is essential in the Senate. The Senate will not silence neither in this nor in any subject», he said at Conference.
Read: Lawmakers demand to investigate Robles and that deviations do not go unpunished; they accuse me without evidence, she says according to the Reforma newspaper, more than 700 million pesos of the Exchequer assigned to Sedesol and Sedatu, during the efforts of Rosario Robles, were transferred in cash to ten homes. Through a triangulation of reservoirs and through the service of Tameme, Cometra and Pan American, cash was partitioned between December 2014 and December 2017.
In the research of Animal politician and Mexican corruption and impunity (MCCI), master scam, described how in 2013 the Sedesol, then headed by Rosario Robles, had a budget of 555 million pesos to deliver 500 thousand packages of food, t-shirts, caps and to disseminate the national crusade against hunger.
Of this amount, slightly more than two billion pesos, were delivered at least to 20 ghost companies.
They were thousand 900 million pesos of the public expense allocated to Sedatu and Sedesol, of this amount, more than 700 million were finally transferred in cash to ten homes.
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