translated from Spanish: Espriu defends airport in Saint Lucia

the study conducted by the Association of civil engineers of Mexico about the cost of the construction of an air terminal at the Santa Lucia military base “is wrong”, said Javier Jiménez Espriú.
The future holder of the Secretariat of communications and transport (SCT) said that sufficient information there was to give an opinion of the project of Santa Lucia.
“The same school says there is not enough information to evaluate well (both projects) because there isn’t sufficient, because it is in a conceptual way, and then presented to cents; then is half wrong”, said after meeting with representatives of the Mexican Chamber of the construction industry (CMIC).
And is that the College of engineers reported in its opinion that the final cost of the project city of Mexico-santa Lucia would be 385 thousand 738 million pesos, while the new airport would be 232 thousand 230 million.
This cost would represent 66% more than which is currently built in Texcoco, according to the College of engineers.
Lee: what would Santa Lucia Airport? AMLO team spreads the Master Plan “school concludes that with information available, the only solution feasible, viable and reliable, with all the challenges to meet, is to continue with the construction of the new airport in Texcoco, said the President of the College of” Civil engineers of Mexico, Ascencio Medina.
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