translated from Spanish: Marcos Peña presents a new report management

after the new agreement with the International Monetary Fund, the Chief of staff, Marcos Peña, you concur to the Chamber of Deputies today to give the monthly report of the management change . 

Exposure becomes more relevant given that is inserted in the discussion for the next year’s budget, scenario that will represent a strong adjustment in fiscal terms. 

Similarly, the visit involves public “reappearance” Marcos Peña, who after trimming the Cabinet by President Mauricio Macri, remained conspicuously low profile.

Previous renditions of penalty count in deputies produced strong crosses with the opposition, especially with the block of the front for victory (FPV). 

On this occasion, the Chief of staff will attend to questions from legislators, whose concerns are assumed will rotate around the axis of the country’s economic policy.

According to the Argentina News Agency, the national official confirmed today that the debt / GDP ratio will increase and will be 87%, a fact that will be strongly questioned by the opposition. 

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