transl: Father Francisco encouraged to confront “the culture of death”, days after the rejection of the Senate abortion legal

Pope Francisco urged – this Sunday, August 12 – thousands of young Italians to be “good actors” and say “no” to the “culture of death”, represented in “the lie, scam, injustice and contempt”, others warned.

The Pontiff made this invitation before the Sunday Angelus prayer at the St. Peter’s square, attended by 90,000 worshippers, according to figures from the Vatican gendarmerie, including thousands of young Italians who arrived in the pilgrimage from around the country.

Francisco Pope addressed young people | Photo: EFEEl the Pope’s message came in a social and political climate strongly marked by the decision of the Chamber of Senators rejected a Bill to decriminalize abortion in the Argentina.

Before the present Francisco quoted the Chilean Jesuit Saint Alberto Hurtado: “It is good to do evil but it is wrong not to do good,” phrase that made repeat all his listeners.

“Renounce evil means saying ‘no’ to the temptations to sin and Satan. More specifically means to say ‘no’ to a culture of death, which manifests itself in the escape from reality into a false happiness, expressed in the lie, the scam, the injustice and contempt for others”, said the Pope.

Father Francisco together with the faithful | Photo: EFEEn this context, emphasized that you to be “a good Christian you need to make and add to the good”. “Many times you hear someone who says ‘I don’t do evil to anyone’. And he is believed to be a Saint. Agree, but do it good? “How many people do not do evil, and not the good, and his life goes into indifference and apathy”, lamented.

“Each one is guilty of the good that I could have done and did not do. It is not enough not to hate, we must forgive. It is not enough to have no grudge, to pray for enemies. It is not enough not to divide, but it should make peace where there is no. Not enough not to criticize, but have to interrupt when we listen to someone speak evil”, he added.

message of the Pope after the no to abortion prayer Plaza San Pedro

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