transl: Daniel Fanego: “‘The Angel’ is one of the best Argentine films of recent times”

“the Angel”, the film based on the story of one of the most emblematic murderers in the history of argentina, Carlos Robledo Puch, premiered this j ueves August 9, revolutionizing the Argentine cinema and impacting to the spectators.

Starring Lorenzo Ferro, tells the story of the doomed young of curls for murdering dozens of people – among them serene of various premises – and by committing many thefts in major and minor scale.

The cast is complemented by great figures such as Cecilia Roth, Mercedes Morán, Chinese Darin, Peter Lanzani and Daniel Fanego; who told us exclusively his emotion at the proposal of the director Luis Ortega.

“It motivated me much the call by Luis Ortega”, revealed the actor. “Although the story is very moving, what moved me most was the possibility of working with him,” explained.

Fanego plays Joseph, father of Ramon (the character of Chinese Darin), a former convict who according to the film, introduces the plot criminal to forming a band with him and his son Carlitos.

“I prepared the character with Luis, rehearsing, looking for what he wanted to do, trying to not get stuck in the documentary thing but go in search of what the director intended,” said the actor, who gave the reasons to go see this premiere cinema.

“They have to go see”The Angel”because it is one of the best Argentine films of recent times,” said the actor who, in addition, remember the actual arrest of then young killer.

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