transl: Fernández Cristina de Kirchner declared by the «cuadernos de corruption» and denounces persecution against

the former Argentine President Cristina Fernández Kirchner denied Monday having led next to your deceased spouse and former President, Néstor Kirchner, a criminal association allegedly dedicated to receiving bribes from businessmen and denounced a «judicial persecution» against her.
Furthermore, it requested the nullity of the case and that the judge Claudio Bonadío and prosecutor Carlos Stornelli be objected to in charge of the investigation, according to judicial sources.
Fernández de Kirchner, current Senator of the Peronist opposition grouping unit citizen, filed a notice in his defense in the federal courts in Buenos Aires, who went to declare «the corruption notebooks», which revealed an alleged plot payment of bribes by entrepreneurs to officials Kirchner between 2005 and 2015.
«Kirchner was little more than one hour and a half in the judicial building, he attended escorted by policemen to appear at the Court of Bonadio, carrying forward the research and the former head of State (2007-2015) seeks to move the case to consider a» judge enemy», he said in the public made legal presentation in their social networks.
«First I shall make a summary of the details of the prosecution find that subject from the 10 December 2015,» said referring to the day his successor, President of center-right government began Kirchner Mauricio Macri.
In this regard, said that the alleged persecution is «only» «comparable to that which took place during the validity of the national Constitution was suspended», tell of dictatorial regimes.
About the accusation against her, the current opposition Senator said that through its «institutional gravity» could go to international bodies in the field of human rights. The alleged bribery scandal charges every day bigger dimensions with the confession of important business that made illegal payments to power during the presidencies of Kirchner and Fernandez de Kirchner.
Justice investigates whether both former Presidents led an alleged conspiracy that was paid kickbacks in Exchange for the award of public works contracts, as pointed out at the time the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, who also Cristina Fernández asked travel case.
The former President faces since he left to several court cases, most of them under investigation of Bonadio.
Kirchner was not stopped even in different investigations because he enjoys immunity as a Senator.

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