transl: Leandro Penna thanked Lisandra: «Hope that life you give to the right person,» said the Argentine

12:40 that they have been «difficult times» and he wanted to clarify his statements yesterday. This time, he gave thanks to the Cuban by the teachings, the adventures and said that he loves her still.

Then that weekend Leandro Penna and Lisandra Silva confirmed on social networks your loving, break the Argentine returned to share a message with pictures of remembrance where thanked the Cuban model: «perhaps this has not been very clear, they have been moments «difficult, wrote.lee also:Leandro Penna by breakdown with Lisandra: «For the love of what we had, decided to release us».lee also: Lisandra Silva confirmed breakdown with Leandro Penna through emotional message in former Instagram.El boy reality said after a year and a half relationship that, «clarify and thank you for accepting me, Lisandra’d Dear and beloved. «Also for as long as we share, by the teachings that you left me, for the adventures that we live together, for teaching me to enjoy the simplicity of life and all the things that we must save in the privacy». Leandro explained yesterday that by the love and respect that they had, they took the decision to take different paths.» «Because I love you with all my heart and I believe in free love I wish you well and hope that life is responsible for give you the right person to be happy and to shine with the beautiful light that you project and can risk giving to your around» It ended.

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