translated from Spanish: Mexico boasts of the first atlas of bees

MEXICO.-specialists, legislators and officials from Mexico presented on Tuesday the first «National Atlas of the bees and derivatives Bee» to compile information that fosters the design of policies public for the preservation of this insect, a species that say they are in danger of extinction. Read more: accuse hostel kill cats by freezing them in Indiana presentation of the National Atlas of bees and apiculture products. Photo: Chamber of Senators read more: Video. Man hits the «Rosie» hipopotama in Zoologicoel Atlas, seeks to boost also work in beekeeping and sustainable development of the diapers, they explained during the presentation, held in the Senate of Mexico.
The Chairman of the Board of the camera high, Ernesto Cordero, stressed the importance of preserving the bees, that «in the last 15 years, the global bee population has declined about 20 percent, due to parasites, fungi and pesticides».

Bees are responsible for which «there are vegetables and that animals can feed (…), without them, it would be virtually impossible life on Earth», said.

He said that beekeeping also has «enormous value» for the economy of Mexico, reaching seventh world producer of honey. During the presentation of the book, the Director of analysis and management of the national subsystem of geographic information, environment, land use and urban Mexico, Jezarela López, explained that the Atlas will serve to recognize the importance of the bees in the production of crops, fruits and vegetables.
He mentioned that the largest producers of honey in the country are in the States of Jalisco, Chiapas, Veracruz, Yucatán and Oaxaca, and is exported to more than 26 countries, Germany and the United States being the main consumers. At the same time, the Deputy director-general for natural resources and environment of the National Institute of statistics and geography (Inegi) of Mexico, Francisco Jiménez, acknowledged that the Atlas will be «a tool that will allow the beekeeping sector identify the situation in» that this activity and honeybees are». Service fishing and wild life of United States (USFWS, for its acronym in English) has declared several species of bees in danger of extinction, a phenomenon which the scientific community suspect that its reduction is due to a combination of habitat loss , diseases, use of pesticides and climate change. In this note: endangered Mexico Atlas bees beekeeping insects

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