translated from Spanish: Argentine Government offers reward to those who provide data to retrieve stolen money from bribes

the Ministry security Argentina announced today that offers financial reward to those who provide data that will «help restore dine ro, currency or goods»in the case in which research is the existence of an alleged network of bribes from businessmen to officials of kirchnerism (2003-2015). «The resolution, signed today by the holder of the portfolio, Patricia Bullrich, sets that it offers»a reward for those who provide accurate data that will lead to the recovery of money, currency or goods»in the case in which they are accused by» illicit association», among others, the former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.Asimismo, reportedly will give a reward that will be five per cent of the value recovered up to a ceiling of two million pesos (about 67,000 dollars) to those who not «involved in the fact crime», broadcast from the Ministry of Seguridad.Esta cause is being processed before the national court in Criminal and correctional Federal Nº 11, conducted by Claudio Bonadio.Según reported from the Ministry, the intervening Prosecutor reported «that there are no objections to formulate» to the establishment of a reward under these conditions. The scandal emerged two weeks ago, when he began a series of arrests of businessmen and former officials whose names appear in the notebooks to a driver of the Ministry of planning wrote more than one decade in which they recounted in detail the so-called distribution of bribes. These annotations, Oscar Centeno told how carrying bags with millions of dollars that senior managers of private companies awarded for works destined for members of kirchnerism, among them, supposedly, the presidential marriage, for encourage the awarding of contracts. Some of the accused were aimed directly against the former Presidents in his statement. According to the newspaper La Nación – the cause is under secret of summary – Claudio Uberti, extitular organ of Control of road concessions, came to recognize carrying him to Kirchner bags with money that collected in the concessionaires vials and on some occasions Fernandez was present. The former President, who attended the Monday declaring, denies all charges and says victim of «persecution» by his successor, Mauricio Macri.

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