translated from Spanish: Flag in front of Courts against the removal of judges

A group of protesters concentrated tonight in front of the Court Palace with Argentine flags and torches to repudiate the displacement of the three judges the Senate confirmed last week.
The slogan that united the meeting was «A Light for the Republic» although the protesters spoke out against President Alberto Fernández and Vice-President Cristina Kirchner.The meeting point was not coincidental, as it is the Supreme Court of Justice that must speak in the coming days on the matter, after «having in mind» the peráltum qe judges Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi presented to avoid being returned to their courts of origin.  

Bruglia, Bertuzzi and Germán Castelli are the three judges on which the Senate voted to cancel transfers made in 2018 through a decree signed by the then president, Mauricio Macri and without agreement of the Senate.

AYER it was found that Bruglia and Bertuzzi are found to want to keep them illegally in the Federal Chamber to ensure impunity for Macri and his officials. One of them overdulled the prosecution of Dietrich, Iguacel and Dujovne, for the highway scam of more than $600 million. — Cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina)
September 11, 2020

Bruglia and Bertuzzi had been transferred from the Oral Court in federal criminal law. 4 from the Federal Capital to Chamber I of the National Chamber of Appeals in Criminal and Federal Correctional. From there they confirmed CFK prosecutions in causes of corruption.
Castelli, meanwhile, was moved from the Oral Court in Criminal Law. 3 of San Martín, province of Buenos Aires, to the Oral Court in the Criminal Federal Nro. 7 of the Federal Capital. There will be oral judgment by the popularly known as «Cause of Notebooks».

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