translated from Spanish: Truck full of laborers is left without brakes and clashes in Tocumbo, Michoacán

Tocumbo, Michoacán.-a truck with dozens of agricultural workers ran out of brakes and struck with great force against a telephone pole in Mexico and a tree on the banks of the carret Jacona – Los Reyes, it was at the height of the community of the sleeves, belonging to this community of Santa Clara of the municipality of Tocumbo. The balance was of several workers with bumps and bruises, while the driver was injured seriously, apparently had bursting of viscera.
The authorities reported that the accident took place minutes on Thursday morning, when a bus token Freightliner, yellow, plates from the State of Jalisco, 1998 model, driven by 45-year-old Rigoberto S., ran out of brakes when driving with address to the Kings.
They further indicated that, taking the steep slope located between the town of La Ventilla and this tenure, driver opted to leave the asphalt on your right side to shoot down a stud of telephone lines, to then have a impact of front against a tree.
Several passengers were assisted in place with minor bumps and nervous breakdowns, while others were channeled the clinic of the IMSS in this city for your attention, but that was at risk his life; the most affected, transpired that he was the driver, who suffered a heavy blow in the stomach and hospital before mentioned had to be transferred serious to Zamora by bursting of viscera.

Transit personnel noted that the ability of the driver, who opted to crashing at that site and not to pursue its accelerated race, was key factor so that the balance was not fatal, since pedestrians there or other affected vehicles, although it is mention that the date and time were also a factor, as there was little traffic and pedestrians walking on the site.
It should be noted that there is located a preschool and recorded numerous pedestrian crossings during classes.
Elements of the Michoacan police assigned to the municipality, as well as the Division of transit and mobility, who carried out the relevant actions to determine those responsible came to the site.

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