translated from Spanish: SQM papers: role in the shadows of the lobbyists who also will have to testify in the trial

Although the journalist Camilo Feres let Ma Bell RCO Enríquez-Ominami before the second presidential round of 2009, persistent candidate and well-known political analyst have never been completely estranged. Now, the circumstances make them together in the context of the case SQM, the biggest trial on corruption of which have record so far.
Hundreds of defendants during the criminal investigation, I-O was one of the investigated 16 Prosecutor Pablo Gómez selected to formally accuse them as concrete and specific perpetrators, by dragging them to a trial that is about to begin. For Enriquez-Ominami, prosecutors requested a sentence of four years in prison and a fine of $11 million pesos.
To support his accusations against the defendants, the prosecution cited 615 witnesses, more or less related to the facts under investigation, which include Feres, who must explain why it issued two invoices from its signature «communication consultants You entrelineas Ltda.»SQM s.a., for a total of $30.345.000 in 2009, precisely at the time of the presidential campaign of that year, while he was one of the main advisers of former candidate Enríquez-Ominami.

With his statement in the trial, the Marauder organism seeks to prove the accusation by various tax crimes against ME-O and his former aide, Cristian Warner. It is worth mentioning that Feres, along with 57 others, was dismissed in this cause because tax offences for which it was investigated would be prescribed, to more than five years have elapsed.
Feres – after leaving behind that campaign of ME-O – settled in Azerta, lobby and strategic communication consultant who left when he decided to assist Felipe Kast, currently Senator for La Araucanía and former presidential Evopoli. In October of 2017, he returned to Azerta as head of a new Department within the Agency, the area of social studies.
Bitar and a founding member of Azerta Lavin is the Economist Cristina Bitar, niece of the former Minister Sergio Bitar, but politically linked to Joaquín Lavín. In relation to this link is that the Prosecutor’s Office appointment to testify as a witness.
Particularly, it seeks to detail the true nature of the seven invoices issued by consultants and investment LIMA limited, in which participated Bitar and that received payments for a total of 185 million SQM. The dates on which they were issued these invoices, between 2009 and 2010, coincide with the failed campaign to the Senate of Joaquin Lavin and precisely the prosecution wants to clarify his role there. Bitar was the «Manager» of the presidential campaign of Lavin in 2005.
At the same time, the concurrence of Cristina Bitar as a witness will serve to clarify an episode in the cause, because he opened the edge of a possible bribery and directed research, which until then was focused on Penta, towards the mining company SQM. It is a cheque that was deposited into the bank account of Bitar in August 2009 by María Carolina de la Cerda, sister-in-law of the former Undersecretary of mining Paul Wagner, money that came from a ballot issued by De la Cerda to SQM.
But in his statement fragments, that have been published in the press, Bitar said that this check was reimbursement that usually arrived by the campaign spending made and moneys of campaign manager was the late rector of l to Universidad del Desarrollo, Ernesto Silva Bafalluy, father of the former helmsman of the UDI of the same name.
The Advisor a PPD from the edges to the public prosecutor’s Office want to tune, thanks to the testimonies that arise in the trial, is having relationship with illegal financing of the DPP through the mechanism of triangulations of monies and tickets for services not rendered. In this context, it will be cited also declare the journalist Juan Walker Edwards, former director of the newspaper La Nación and that in the camera high figure payroll currently as Adviser to the PPD Senator Guido Girardi, who was his Chief of staff.
For the Prosecutor’s Office is a key element in an attempt to elucidate the fate of payments he received from SQM Corporation Chile environment, directed by Rodrigo Patricio engineer, who hosted the alternative exit of the abbreviated trial and already was accurately sentenced to a penalty sent 600 days, in addition to the payment of a fine to tax benefit.
The public prosecutor interrogará Walker Edwards for details of the talks which the environmentalist Rodrigo Patricio gave SQM. In total there were 12, between 2011 and 2012, the same period in which the Corporation received $57 million that were used to co-finance to PPD. Indeed, Rodrigo, former adviser to Girardi, said in his statement that agreed to participate in this scheme at the request of the directors of the PPD, headed then by Carolina Tohá, who also will be called as a witness. The testimony of Juan Walker will serve as input for the prosecution against Luis Matte Lira, another defendant, former Treasurer of the party for democracy.
Traces of Imaginaccion between tests that has the Prosecutor’s Office to prove that SQM followed closely processing at the Congress of projects that touched their interests, such as the mining royalty, are electronic mail chains between the high executives of SQM, Patricio Contesse and Patricio de Solminihac, with Carlos Correa, son of Enrique Correa, who by then was an important part of Imaginaccion.
In such emails, dated in February 2012, De Solminihac sent Contesse and Pauline de Vidts, then Vice President, sustainability of the mining company, reports prepared by Carlos Correa, son of the founder of Imaginaccion, and Denisse Schlessinger, who It was part of the consulting team at the time of the email. Reports made under the discussion of lithium in social networking and a summary of the special session which the Senate had developed weeks ago about the situation of the moment and the future of their exploitation.
Imaginaccion acknowledged that SQM is among its customers for a decade at least. Between January 2008 and December 2014, non-metallic mining of Julio Ponce Lerou billed a total of nearly one billion-$919.500.000-.

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