translated from Spanish: “You must believe that I was born dead, I know that he will appear”

Sinopec-Tenchi Oddino has 49 years and six months of age and looking for her biological mother, his mother gave birth at home of a midwife at the age of 15 years. Read also: girl saves baby’s life watching a video of YoutubeTenchi was delivered by the midwife Mary Morello of Baird to the family who raised her, but she wants to find her real mother.


The woman was adopted by a family from Buenos Aires and decided to make a video with your history to find his biological family. His biological mother should today be 64 years and according to the research of Oddino, told him that her baby was born lifeless.” I don’t know if she lived in Villa Maria, my intuition tells me that it was not in the city, possibly it was from another town, but she gave birth there. I went out to the light, to show me, because I am almost sure that have told him that I was not born alive”, he told the newspaper.


It was tremendous to how moved the video. I am producing music and is why I imagined calling artists know, which have many followers, asking them that they viralicen it.

Tenchi tells grateful of life that led; However, you want to know their roots.” Mary Morello of Baird is the midwife, who gives it to me to my aunt. That was not a sale, it is not traffic or anything, my case does not go on that side. Gave me because my mom was 15 years old and at that time that was hiding”. In this note: Sinopec Tenchi Oddino search MOM

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