translated from Spanish: Carla Perterson replied to comment from a follower that hinted at its contradiction with respect to abortion

Carla Peterson is to society one of the references in the feminist struggle and by legal abortion. From the Association of Argentine actresses, the protagonist of «100 days to fall in love» recognized Bill, and even appeared to debate in the National Congress together with Griselda Siciliani and Verónica Llinás.

Carla Peterson together with Griselda Siciliani and Verónica Llinás | Photo: Instagram @petersoncarlaLas actress social networks are a clear reflection of their daily lives, their activities and thoughts. On several occasions shown with the distinctive green tissue, as well as, share your routine and personal life situations.

Around the celebration of the day of the child, Carla decided to publish on Instagram, a postcard of his son Gaspar account, fruit of his love with the Deputy Martín Lousteau. As the heading of the Forum, wrote: «be happy my love, son of my heart. Happy day. Let us be children forever».

Carla Peterson’s message to his son for the children’s day | Photo: Instagram @petersoncarlaAnte this, one of his followers decided to discuss this publication, questioning its stance in favor of the decriminalization of abortion. «As the day of the child and the abortion do not fit very well haha», opined the user.

Carla Peterson thus responded to the comment of a follower far run out of words, Carla answered: «You’re bolude?», making use of inclusive language.

It should be recalled, that the Senate rejected the initiative of voluntary pregnancy interruption but it agreed to the reform of the Penal Code which will exempt from punishment the woman causing miscarriage.

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