translated from Spanish: Galilea Montijo argues loudly with Lady in a market (Video)

home shows Galilea Montijo argues loudly with Lady in a market (Video) Mexico.-in a recent broadcast of the program today, Galilea Montijo was a discusi on a market with a woman who challenged her to ask him what was supposedly had said: leave the country where Andrés Manuel López Obrador won the presidential election.
In the section «Truck of today», the host went out to establish contact with the audience. When he was in the delegation Alvaro Obregon, in the count Olivar market, Galilea Montijo starred in a discussion out with a lady who asked, to leave the country.
Galilea Montijo is returned and he responded to shouts: «I give 500 thousand pesos if I try on when and where you said that. We must be happy Mommy», sentenced the driver to follow his way among the people surrounding it.

They sent me by the market vegetables jajajaa… and I found with galilea montijo and a few ladies said that because not is to gone country by what he supposedly said of AMLO. Galilee answered: I give you $ 500,000 pesos I check in that moment and where I said that. The ladies stayed silent… Finally I saw to the chairos they shut up in putisa for not having valid arguments. Jajajajjaa Posted by Yerck GraffGordo on Friday, August 17, 2018 with information: the debate

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