translated from Spanish: They take a school in Quilmes by crisis in its infrastructure

the explosion at school N ° 49 of Moreno was only the tip of the iceberg. The crisis in infrastructure suffering from Buenos Aires educational establishments is real and begins to make more and more.

On this occasion, parents of pupils attending primary school No. 75 of Quilmes took the institution on Tuesday, August 14 to claim an urgent improvement in the conditions of the building.

The problems experienced there range from at least 4 gas leaks in different sites to electrified walls, water leaks, rips roofs, overflow from the cesspit, without support and plumbing emergency stairs, shorts from water losses, among other issues.

Said the mother of one child who attends the school, all started Monday 13 when the company Metrogas decided to cut the provision for losses. The next day, the parents are directed to the Director of the institution «asking for an answer» but this opted to continue teaching.

«The guys on duty tomorrow were in school. As we did not see any change of position, in the afternoon we decided to that the boys already do not enter the turn late. We take the school, and that day at 19:30 approximately the Secretary of culture and education of Quilmes Ariel Domene and the Chief Distrital de Educación de Quilmes Oscar De Sarro approached to sign a certificate of commitment,»the woman explained.

Posters that hit the parents of students within the school | Photo: Twitter «that was on Tuesday afternoon, are to day Monday and waiting for a solution principle minimally», questioned other parent.

Shouting «We want to study» and with signs that require a «solution» already, the guys who attend this establishment looking to obtain an effective response by the authorities.

Parents gathered within the taken property | Photo: Twitter «this is a reflection of all the schools in the district that are living.» Tomorrow call for a mobilization of the front of State guilds at the door of the School Council to claim and ask for the safety of workers, assistants, teachers and especially the kids,»said a Unionist in the demonstration.

According to what revealed those present at the TN news channel, the same situation are living the ESB N ° 24, school N ° 23, school N ° 87, and Garden No. 501 for lack of investment.

school infrastructure made quilmes claim


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