translated from Spanish: Nibaldo nephew Villegas said they found records of domestic violence by ex-partners to his uncle

following the arrest of accused of murdering Nibaldo Villegas Johanna Hernández and his partner, Francisco Silva, whose torso It was found in the muelle Prat de Valparaiso, the families of the deceased have been revealing new details about the relationship that the Professor had with his ex-partner, with whom he remained married legally.lee also:breast of the woman accused of murdering the Professor of Villa Alemana: “I want to apologize to the family”.lee also: Ex spouse of dismembered Professor lamented their disappearance and death in networks: “the damage they have done to my family has no forgiveness”. In conversation with the morning very good morning, Jonathan Díaz, nephew of Nibaldo, told he always had the feeling that Johanna was responsible for the crime and that after the disappearance of the teacher, they were finding new tracks.” We went to my uncle’s House and found some papers which were records where it was explained that there was violence of part of it to him on more than one occasion,”said the nephew. And he added that a neighbor told them that the detainee arrived in more than once with stones at House for damaging the car of the victim and also threw them threats so they remain regardless of what happened.

lee also: “Rot you killer”: the cry of the relatives to the defendant of killing the Professor of Villa Alemana.” We had no idea, but the girl (daughter of the detainee and Nibaldo) told us now that her mom was karateka. And of course, my uncle always tried to calm her down and said ‘ no daughter, if MOM is karate, so walk kicks ‘. He always was protecting the profile of it”, he added. Jhonatan told Nibaldo Villegas was very reserved with his private life so never went to their close relatives to tell them about the problems he had with the detainee.” He said that he was well, quiet, prior to this there was no suspicious call, never told us anything (…) With it we stop having contact last year, when he told us that they were no longer together, because he discovered an affair by Johanna, with the same partner who is now”, the family said. Other details uncovered is that the father of the detainee and the victim’s father-in-law, encouraged more than once to Nibaldo make an accusation by a death threat against her own daughter.” The father-in-law said to him, but my uncle (Nibaldo) always told the Pope of Johanna, ‘quiet, threats are no longer, you know that your daughter says all those things, but it will do nothing’ “.” The nephew of the deceased explained that his uncle always sought the protection of his former partner, paid studies and despite the separation, waited until February this year that she let the House so the children would not be without College.” My uncle was always understanding towards her, but she was interested in the material. Impressed to us that when this happened she asked for the car, but even by his daughter that we were taking care of it. You have something psychopathic in his mind”, concluded the nephew.

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