translated from Spanish: Morelia Asylums and Psychiatric Hospital are kept free of Covid-19

Morelia, Michoacán.- Four days after the start of the production activities in Michoacán, spaces that concentrate personnel most at risk to die if they get coronavirus covid-19 as nursing homes and the Psychiatric Hospital of Morelia are kept free of the disease and will continue with preventive measures indefinitely.
In the case of the Psychiatric Hospital of Morelia «Dr. José Torres Orozco», its director, Carlos Alberto Bravo Pantoja, commented that since the beginning of the health contingency on March 18, preventive measures were taken such as the installation of health filters in the entrances and exits of the enclosure, in addition to the suspended appointments related to family therapies, couples or aid groups.
In the case of psychiatric consultations, he said that between 80 and 90 patients are maintained and daily to treat cases of stress, anxiety, panic, as well as follow-up to some therapies and treatment.
As for inpatients, Bravo Pantoja said that they only have 65% of their capacity in total occupancy, which is 80 beds, in addition to that visits that make patients familiar are made every weekend.
«Patients have the right to receive visits from their relatives, what we have done is be clear with healthy distance and cleanliness protocols so that there is no covid-19 contagion,» the doctor explained.
He said that so far none of the patients currently admitted to the hospital have tested positive for the disease, but did have suspected cases that were later ruled out.
«We are in the middle of a pandemic and of course we have had some cases that we categorize as suspects, but already after and fortunately they were ruled out, that’s why we’re going to continue with the measures.»
Regarding the «Miguel Hidalgo» nursing home in Morelia, its director, Alejandra Elizabeth Gómez Portillo, recalled that currently the 27 inhabitants of the site are sheltered and the staff must comply with basic cleaning standards such as wearing bed covers, wearing gloves and, in the case of food, cooks must keep their areas clean and disinfected.
On visits, he said that at the moment they can only see their relatives under the healthy distance protocol, that is, they can not be closer to a meter and a half and besides anyone who enters and leaves the asylum must pass through a filter where antibacterial gel is placed, pass their shoes through a sanitizing mat and must keep distance from older adults with the exception of medical staff , who, in addition to basic protective items, must carry a mask.
On other hostels directly operated by the System for Integral Family Development (DIF), its social communication department reported that they are kept under surveillance and so far there are no cases of covid-19, since there are little external staff entering and leaving these precincts.

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