translated from Spanish: Government expelled 77 Bolivians and Peruvians by court order

this morning the Government carried out a new RAID of expulsion of migrants. This time it deported 77 Bolivians and Peruvians by court order. Undersecretary of the Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, said that action “is a commitment of the Government to achieve quickly and efficiently, respecting the human rights of inmates, out of the country according to the instruction of the judges”. To date they have already deported 1,187 aliens. The Authority explained that it is “citizens who have committed crimes in Chile, they are doomed, and a judge has ordered his expulsion to their countries”. His transfer was “is done by land, because stops at the respective borders”. Regarding the criticisms that have been expulsions, Ubilla said that “the vast majority of Chileans believes that this is not a circus, especially justice, which are they that instruct the PDI, along with the Ministry of the Interior, be e managers” Stas expulsions”.” Put it at the level of a circus is not respecting the human rights of people, does not understand anything, it is to minimize the effect of representing a country that has an orderly immigration policy”, he said.

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