translated from Spanish: Morelia City Council says that he is in favour of modernisation and promotion of the road culture

Morelia, Michoacan.-in a statement the city of Morelia reported that in order to support those initiatives encouraging the road culture and modernization of the infrastructure in the municipal territory, the Secretary of economic and entrepreneurial development, Alejandro lover Urbina, attended the inauguration of the “smart top” Avenida Juan Pablo II of the Michoacán Capital.
During the presentation of this speed reduction mechanism implemented by the private sector, the municipal unit holder welcomed having people focused on creating innovative ideas that paid to infrastructure in Morelia vial.
“I see people who have always been cast forward to promote ideas, projects that attract tourism and benefits. We are very pleased to have developed and carried out this project which will definitely draw the attention and will be a reference for the road culture”, said the municipal official.

In this regard, it is worth detailing the “smart top” promotes respect for speed limits, since the structure rises when a car approaching at high speed, but stays flat if driver respects the limits in this regard, said it Ricardo González de Cosio, Director of the intelligence road company, responsible for the project.

While Verónica Zamudio Ibarra, Director General for the prevention of crime and citizen participation, as well as Jose Antonio Herrera Jimenez, Rector of University Vasco de Quiroga (UVAQ), agreed that this project will allow the society have a early rapprochement with the road culture, as well as also to Morelia position as a leader in terms of innovation in science and technology.
At the same time, the delegate of the Ministry of economy in Michoacan, Zeus Rodríguez Miranda, pointed out that the joint work between the three orders of Government and organised civil society as well as with universities will allow to take an important step in the development both the country and the State and its Capital, since Morelia has always been known for having among its ranks to innovative and entrepreneurial people.
In this way, the city of Morelia confirms its commitment to support and encourage projects that paid to the integral development of the capital from the road culture and for the benefit of its inhabitants.

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